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The best termite control protection in Southwest, MO

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System

Termites can cause serious damage to your property if left unchecked. Thanks to Mr. Bug Killer's experts and our advanced Always-Active Sentricon System, we can eliminate termite colonies right where they live! Our Sentricon termite control services are designed to effectively and safely eradicate termites from your home or business, leaving you with peace of mind. From inspections to treatment and prevention, we have the expertise and experience to keep your property termite-free. Contact us today to learn more.

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System detects and uniquely monitors the termites with its baiting techniques. Furthermore, as long as you use Mr. Bug Killer Inc.’s termite protection services we will regularly check and monitor new termite colonies, thus securing your home. Call us today about the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. Prevent termites from eating and damaging your home or business.
The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System offers:
  1. Protection from termite invasion and home damage
  2. Less invasive techniques
  3. Minimum maintenance requirements

Termite Control

Don't Let Termites Do This To Your Home

Termites are small insects known for their ability to consume wood and cause significant damage to wooden structures.

Termite Damaged Wood - Termite Control
Termite Damage
These small, wood-eating insects feed on cellulose found in wood, paper, and other organic materials, making them a significant threat to the integrity of homes and buildings
Worker Termites Termite Control Pest Control Service Plan
A worker termite is responsible for gathering food, maintaining the nest, and caring for the young within a termite colony.
Soldier Termites Termite Control
A soldier termite's primary role is to defend the colony against potential threats, such as predators or invading insects, using their large mandibles to ward off attackers.
Termite Swarmer
A swarmer termite, also known as an alate, is a reproductive termite responsible for leaving the colony in large numbers during specific times of the year to mate and establish new colonies.

Feature: The Sentricon System provides subterranean termite colony elimination.

Benefit: The threat of structure damage is eliminated.
Feature: Recruit termite bait controls all economically important subterranean termites.
Benefit: You can be assured of protection for your structure.
Feature: Sentricon stations are placed strategically around your home to assure termite contact.
Benefit: Foraging termites will be controlled regardless of where they are found in the ground around your property.
Feature: Sentricon can be used as a preventative measure.
Benefit: Peace of mind that the property is protected before damage is done.
Feature: Only authorized PCO firms that have met required standards of training and service offer the Sentricon Termite Control System.
Benefit: Peace of mind working with a trained, professional firm backed by Dow AgroSciences.
Feature: Activity of Recruit termite bait is targeted to subterranean termites and is used only when they are present. Also, Sentricon stations are secured with a child-resistant cap.
Benefit: Reduced chance of exposure of people or pets. **
Feature: Sentricon stations are removable.
Benefit: Minimal impact to property.
Feature: Installing Sentricon stations does not involve drilling in expensive interior floors and foundations or removing shrubs and landscaping.
Benefit: It’s easy on you and your home. Less intrusive than barrier treatments.
Feature: The Sentricon System is a cost-effective treatment option.
Benefit: Good value because of continued protection of the structure.

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